LED advantages compared to other lighting sources:

- Energy saving:

> 85% compared to incandescent lamp

> 80% compared to halogen lamp

> 60% compared to iodide metallic lamp

> 50% compared to fluorescent lamp

- High output colours

- High bright efficiency

- Immediate lighting at the right light level

- It doesn't pollute

- It doesn't get hot: nearly zero emission of infra-red radiation (all the energy is transformed in light without dispersion)

- It doesn't emit UV radiations which provode eyes damage

- High time of living, since 11 years always switched on

- Disappeared manteinance costs

- Steady light (it doesn't produce flickers)

- Compatible with pre-existing dimensions / junctions/ alimentation voltage: you can screw and unscrew, insert and take off in place of the other lamps!

EcoFriendLight are suitable for all applications where high quality must be ensured by reducing consumption. These qualities, combined with the longevity and reliability of the product, make it particularly convenient, being also the best choice from the point of view of environmental sustainability.

For this reason our products are winning choices for lighting displays, exhibition stands, stages, night clubs, and especially in our homes. EcoFriendLight can have any colour of warm and cold light and can produce a wide range of colours to suit your home and the way you live it.

Until a few years ago nobody would have thought that the high-end cars devolved upon LEDs their lighting systems. Now the benefits of this technology are within everybody's range.

If you have the goal of reducing energy consumption and costs, reducing the heat generated by your halogen lamps, reducing the times you change your lights, reducing your environmental impact ... and get all this without having to compromise the performance of your lighting, the colour of light and its immediate availability EcoFriendLight is the solution!

EcoFriendLight: the most ecological light after the Sun!